About the Program

1. What is Honda Joy Club Program and is there any enrolment fees for the same?
2. What are the Instant benefits of the Honda Joy Club Program?
3. What are the other Program Benefits?
4. How can a Customer enrol in the Honda Joy Club Program?
5. What is the enrolment Procedure for Members who are not comfortable enrolling online?
6. What is the procedure to enroll in the program through Mobile App?
7. Post enrolment would the Customer receive any ID and Notification?
8. How soon can the customer avail Honda Joy Club benefits?
9. Can Honda Joy Club membership be used outside Honda Network?
10. While entering Engine Number & Frame Number details of my Honda 2 Wheeler, I am getting error mentioning someone else is enrolled with this vehicle.
11. Post enrolment, can Members update their Profile Information (Email ID, Mobile number, Address etc.)
12. Can a Customer make the payment later after receiving the acknowledgement ID? What is the validity of this ID?
13. Can Members enrol multiple vehicles in the Program?
14. Can Honda Joy Club members renew their membership after 3 years?
15. In case the Members do not wish to renew their enrolment, what will happen to their earned Honda Currency?
16. How would the Members receive alert for renewing their membership?
17. What all the customer would get under the Honda Joy Club Welcome Kit?
18. I am not able to redeem at Partner voucher. What should I Do.
19. What are the charges that may apply in case customer makes payment using the Online Payment Gateways?
20. Will I get a refund of the Program fee?
21. Is Mother's maiden name or Nominee name mandatory for enrolling in the Honda Joy Club Program?
22. I have purchased a voucher from Paytm Mall. How can I enrol in the Honda Joy Club Program?
23. I have redeemed the voucher from Paytm Mall. How long the voucher will be valid?
24. Can I gift my Paytm Mall voucher to my friends/family?
25. How to update new mobile number under Honda Joy Club Program?
26. I have purchased vehicle Extended Warranty from Honda 2Wheelers Dealership/Service Centre. Can I view the details on Honda Joy Club?
27. How can I view vehicle service details of my Honda 2Wheeler in Honda Joy Club App & Website?

Honda Currency

1. What is Honda Currency* and how can this be earned?
2. Post earning how long does it take for Honda Currency to reflect in Members account?
3. What is the validity of Honda Currency?
4. How can Members check their Honda Currency Balance?
5. How can Honda Currency be earned? Is it applicable for all transactions at Honda 2 Wheeler network?
6. Can Honda Currency be exchanged in lieu of cash?
7. How much time it takes for Honda Currency to be credited in a Members account?
8. How do I earn Honda Currency for purchases under OTC?
9. I have serviced my Honda 2 Wheeler from a Honda Service Centre which is not enrolled in Honda Joy Club Program. Will I receive Honda Currency after my service transactions ?
10. Will I get Honda Currency on repairing my Accidental Vehicle ?


1. What are the options/services available for redemption of earned Honda Currency?
2. Is there a limit of redeeming points for a particular Alliance partner?
3. How do Members get notified for any transaction made through the Honda Joy Club Program?
4. Will Members receive an alert when they redeem a voucher at the Dealership?
5. What is to be done in case of any Incorrect credit or debit of Honda Currency.
6. How can members redeem vouchers?
7. Where can a Customer Redeem Honda Currency?
8. What is the Process to redeem vouchers at Partners Network ?


1. Can you explain the Insurance benefit of the Honda Joy Club Program?
2. What is the claim process for Insurance?
3. Can I apply for Insurance if I have multiple vehicles added under Honda Joy Club?
4. My Loyalty membership is for 3 years however the Insurance policy is only for 1 year ?

Mobile App

1. How to download the app? From where can I download the Honda Joy Club App?
2. What are the benefits of the App?
3. How to check the Honda Currency balance in App?
4. How to check available offers for members for redemption on the App?
5. How to raise a ticket on the app?
6. Is the Honda Joy Club App available offline?
7. Will there be a payment gateway attached to the app?
8. How can a customer add a new vehicle under the existing Loyalty ID using the Honda Joy Club App.
9. What can the members do in case the App is not working.


1. How can members earn through Reference?
2. What are the benefits of referring?
3. How would a member get to know of successful referrals of Honda 2-wheeler?
4. How many vehicle referrals a customer can do in the Honda Joy Club Program? How the Honda Currency is being calculated?


1. How to earn Honda Currency from the exchange offer?
2. What is the Exchange benefit for members?
3. What happens to the Previous Honda vehicle added under my Loyalty ID?
4. What is the procedure to exchange/upgrade on the App?
5. For How long the Exchange code would be valid in the program ?

Multiple Vehicles

1. What is the amount I need to pay for adding a vehicle?
2. Is there any restriction to minimum number of vehicles that can be added against a single Membership ID.
3. Can I use my Paytm mall voucher while “Adding a Vehicle” in my existing Loyalty ID ?


1. Where can Customers report errors faced on App or Website?
2. What are the OS version on which the Honda Joy Club program will run ?
3. I do not remember my set PIN. How can I reset PIN ?
4. I am unable to apply the Paytm voucher code on the Honda Joy Club program app & website? How can I enrol using the same?


1. Where can Members post their Queries or Feedback?
2. How can Members retrieve their membership details vide SMS.


1. How Can I register under XTRAREWARDS Program using HJC App ?
2. What all benefits I will get on registering under XTRAREWARDS via HJC ?
3. How do I keep a track of the number of points earned?
4. Do I need to Produce the XTRAREWARDS Physical Card for getting the XTRAREWARDS Points?
5. Is there any Fees to enrol under XTRAREWARDS using Honda Joy Club?
6. How do I get Birthday Bonus Points?
7. Are XTRAREWARD Points given if payment is made through Digital Mode?
8. Can a HJC Member register in XTRAREWARD Program at Honda 2Wheeler Dealership?
9. How can I reach to helpdesk for assistance?
10. How a member can redeem XTRAREWARD Points ?
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